Top 10 Blogger in India

The Idea behind this to write this article is make the career in your dreaming field and of course Blogging is a bright and light way ahead. They are very popular tricks and tips writer and most of them having the passion to make this.

1. Amit Agrawal –

Amit agrawal is belong to Delhi.He is operating one of the tips and tricks blog in India.He is running blog .Amit quits his job to make his career as a Blogger. He is acquiring the position as a global blogger 15456 and in India his rank is 3574. He is making money I above than lac.

  2. Harsh Agrawal –

Harsh Agrawal is basically from New Delhi and he is earning $34000.  Harsh is writing about tips and tricks. His blog site name is He is having a global rank 14947 and 1870 in India.

3.Faisal Farooqui –

He basically lived in  countries India and America. He earned $80000 in a month. If we convert it into  Indian Currency it will be around 5457600 Rs. His blog site name is he is having the global ranking 14906 and In India he positioned at 1031.

4. Shradha Sharma –

She is basically from Bihar, She is more inspiring for all of us where the people is looking for job     and moving to metro city. She has not created her own story else the other too. She is earning   $30339 like 20 Lac in a month.her blog site name is Her global rank is 9315   and Indian rank 656.

5. Varun Krishnan –

He is working from Chennai, India. He is earning 20000$ in a month. His earning 1364400 Rs in Indian currency. His blog name is His global ranking is 27005 and in India he is on 2340 position.

6. Ashish Sinha-

He is earning  $17000(Rs. 11,59,740). His blog name is His global ranking  is 37998 and 6397 in India. He is living in different cities. 194043,13777

7.Srinivas Tamada-

He lived in Chennai ,and his  global Ranking as well as Indian ranking is 139833,13725.  His site name is he is earning $16000 and 10,91,663 .139833,13725

8. Amit Bhawani-

He lived in Hyderabad and He made $14000 in a month through his writing skill,he made monthly  9.63 lac. his site name is and global ranking 509142 Indian ranking 35608.

9. Jaspal Singh –

he worked from Jaipur, Bharat and he made $10000 in a month.  His site name is  and global ranking is 220207 as well as indian ranking is  114933.

  10. Arun Prabhudesai –

He is belong to pune, bharat . he made $4000 in a month and its around  2.72 lac in Indian currency.    his site name is his  global ranking-65341 and 4566 in India.

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