Social Startup – FreshoKartz

Freshokartz  Agri Products Pvt

Brief About the Company :Freshokartz  Agri Products Pvt limited was founded by Rajendra Lora and Nagendra Yadav in 2016.This is agri based company and basedon Jaipur.

Problem it Solve- They have made a platform where consumer and farmers   connects through tech enabled platform.

Their Founders: In The age of 25 where the people think about education, job and engage their livelihood life. These two boys were decided to remain back to their root. When Nagendra and Rupendra  has left their village for higher education and pursue to their dream job but something in their hearts and mind which make them realize their family faming background, early days of farms.

Due to farming connection from their childhood, they were very clear and focused that once they complete their education, they will work for farming sector only.

Why They Have started:  It is interesting story; How the Duo started this company, Nagendra remembering that once when he was in Mumbai and buying onions, it was too costly. Nagendra called to his father and asked the price. There is big difference in between both the prices. Once they came back and did research, the Duo realized that the problem is real and it occurs due to mediators and  Mandi.

The Duo decided to target Jaipur City for their  working location and they did the market research over there.

Freshokartz served the farmers and buy the produce from them. There is another problem exist like where to sell their produce so they focused big client first. They convinced the Hotels, Cafes, retailers and caterers.

As a company the Duo vision is to minimize the wastage in fruit and vegetable sector and provide fresh produce to their client.

Market Size: Indian fruit and vegetables market size are $100 billion market and 40% contribution from hotels and restaurants of total consumption.

Competitor: Door to Door Organic and Ninja Cart

Future Plan: Once they established in Jaipur, they will make footprint and scale in other Big City. These two wanted to create model for supply chain and wanted to open the veggie collection center in each and every village.



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