Refresh App : Icebreakers and talking points

Why Is this App: If you want to meet someone and doing the research of background from different social networks like Google,Twitter,LinkedIn manually etc. So the Refresh App

Refresh App:

it scrapes various popular social media on the network and delivers a smart looking dossier to your phone. If you want to have conference and meeting with someone, it would help you to find the background details of people. The app is available for IOS and Android App Store.

The real power of app is to leveraging all the social networks that out there.

If I went to meet some clients, customer pitch, sales team or conference , I just opened this app and move to explore section, it shares me lots of information regarding that person.It  showed a bunch of relevant and useful information about him then I was able to use then as icebreakers and talking points which made my interaction more meaningful with them.

The information contains:

  • His current and past professional experience
  • His spouse’s name
  • His academic qualification
  • Where he lived in present and past
  • All emails that we have exchanged in the past
  • Our mutual friends
  • Relevant sports scores

Through this you can make data points and use them to spark the conversations that could potentially lead to lifelong friendships and professional growth for everybody involved.

This will not only sync the data but also provide the calendar facility which can help you to schedule your task and meeting with someone.

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