Mobile Apps for Parents


Now a days,a busy schedule and engaged daily activity,there are so many mobile apps which can help the parents to track the progress of study,nutritional food and health check up.the parents can also set the duration of their children for playing,exercise etc.

The apps are discussed below:

  1. Mobsafety Ranger Browser :This mobile app allows you to set the links, bookmarks the site for your children.
  2. Video Monster: This mobile app allows you to check the status of online videos of children.
  3. Ignore No More : your children engaged in his activities and ignoring your calls, You can use this app and loc the gaming,cartoon and other activity.
  4. Canary Teen safety :This mobile app allows you to save your child from distraction on driving while sending the notification in real weather  child busy on call or crossing the speed limit.
  5. INR Food : This mobile app allows you to check the nutrition of your child.
  6. Homework:This mobile app allows you to bring the activity monitor the progress of homework and create a time table for study.
  7. Foducates: This apps grades a food like A,B,C as per nutrition value in the food.the grading done on the basis of scientific algorithm.
  8. Avira Social Network Protection : This app helps you to monitor your child activity on Facebook,twitter and YouTube sites.
  9. PBS parents and child learning app :The parents and child would play and learn through this mobile app.This mobile app provides various games.
  10. Parental Control: You as a parents control the app limited way features.

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