How to register account on MoPub


How to create Account on MoPub:

there are lots of users who are using the AdMob for making some revenue through the mobile Application,If You also want to make some money from your App. Then Use this tutorial to create the APP.

Why MoPub:

  • MoPub provides the revenue solution andĀ  monetizationĀ  for mobile app publisher and developer.
  • You can get maximum ad impression and so that money through the mobile App.
  • this is the alternative of Adsense. If Your Adsense account was blocked the, you can use this platform for promotion of your app and earning.


Monetize your App:

  • Open MoPub( website and click on the Get Started button.
  • Click Get started one more time or You need to sign up.
  • You will get one form , fill the form with your basic details.
  • Now go to Market place Tab and Click .
  • You will see the lots of Ads available there and bidding facility.
  • There is one button called Payment Info.


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