How to make website,blog or video viral


If you have a good customer base and mark the word satisfied customer base and you want to let them know their friends and family about your website.Nothing will be more better than this for new customer acquire.

lets discuss on some crucial points over here and get the more traffic to our website or Video and make it viral.

one of the best way to drive more traffic to your website or blog is to make it easy for your existing customer to tell their friends about it and recommend it others through social media networks like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc or through just plain email.

Nothing can be better promotion than satisfied customers recommending your website to their friends.

Shareaholic : shareaholic is a website that allows you to create free widgets that you can add to your website or blog so that it becomes easier for your users to share it with others.the best part about using shareaholic is that it does not require you to have any coding experience at all. with the help of their intuitive interface,anybody with basic internet knowledge can use the shareaholic website to create widgets in a matter of minutes.

Widgets: there are two kinds of widgets shareaholic allows you to create.

1.Share Buttons : by using this features, You can create the social media buttons on the pages.your viewers can share the contents what they like with their friends and family followings on their timeline.

2.Related Content: If you have lots of article or blog posts o your website,then it may be good idea to show on each page other related articles that your visitors can also view.the idea is to somehow get your visitors to remain on your website for as long as possible.

It will help you to grow your business or fan followings with these widgets helping.

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