How to get the back up of website in WordPress


Importance of Website data back up

This is an insurance plan for business owner to back up the data and ready for any kind of data disaster regarding the content, files and data. It may be possible your website is hacked

This post is for you, if you are a student, blogger or business owner. You have the website and want to store all the files in your computer.

Its 100% working method to get the back up of website.

You have been faced this situation and its hectic and headache but you don’t worry about i.e. will let you know the whole process to get the back up by step and step.

Step 1: Go to Add New Plugin options.

Step 2: Enter the updraft plus backup

Step 3: once you have installed it,activate the plugin .

Step 4: It will appear in Dashboard under the setting menu.

Step 5: Click on setting menu and It will open the updraft plus plugin.

Step 6: There is different kind of Tab is available there, you just need to click Backup/Restore Tab.

Step 7: It would display the backup schedule which is show the manual dropdown box. It’s depend on you , like you want to take the back up now or schedule later. It will also schedule as per your choice like after 2 hours, four hours, weekly, monthly.

Step 8: You can also restore, upload or delete the files.

Step 9: If you want to download the file , you can back up by clicking on these button and store it in your computer.

Step 10: you can also link updraft to Dropbox or Google drive.

That’s it , You have done the process and back up is ready.If you have any difficulty to set up the website on hosting. You can comment I will help you for further action. So Enjoy the article

Happy Coding

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