How to add Slideshow or Slider in Website or WordPress page

This is the tutorial which enable the user the understand the basic concept of meta slider ,slider or slideshow insertion process in WordPress Website or page.

You have observed lots of slideshow or slider or Meta slider in website or WordPress page or HTML page or PowerPoint presentation. Slider or slideshow make the website presentable and get the attraction from the User. It will also help user to find the product or some other information from your website. People in certain industry or company use slider for their basic signature. Once The Customer, consumer or client stay with your pages he will really take your service or purchaser product from your website. Even you can use slider for Demonstration of product and service of your company. Look and feel is very important part for any website So the Slider is. As you are attending some meeting, party or ceremony you always be presentable at your best. So Keep Focus and include slide in your website.

Once you have done with briefing about Slider. You should want to know installation process of slider and work on it. Lets dive into it .

Step 1- Click on Appearance from WordPress Dashboard and Then ADD PLUG IN button .there is one search box in left corner just enter the keyword related to WordPress slider.

pic : meta slider in menu

Step 2: Once you have done the above process, Check the review and active installation process. If it indicates in good flavor then position your cursor on install button. And once it is done with the installations just activate it.

Step 3: Once your installation completed, the slider comes and visible under the pane of dashboard just above on the setting option.


Step 4: Just Click on Slider and It would ask you to upload the file or image. Import the images as you want to include in Slider or slideshow.

pic : Image uploading

Step 5: once you have done the images, next window will appear for the setting tag.

Step 6 :  Click on the meta tag and copy it and paste this code where you want to display the slider like Go to Appearance and Click on Editor.


Step 7 : There are lots of file in left corner just drag down and click on header.php file and paste the meta tag code into editor page and update it.

Step 8 : Once you have updated the page, you will get the live your website. You will automatically reflect the Pages with your Presentations.

If you have any suggestion or problems regarding this topic. Mention it into comment I will help you as possible as I can. Thank you.


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