How to add header and Footer in Website



Once you have read this tutorial, you will have knowledge to put the header and footer in your bog, website or HTML website.

As above image shown the search box ,sign out icon these are all the section of head.


Header is the top margin of the page which represents the menu part, slider part or slide show part


Footer is the bottom section of the page where Address, Menu, Career and contact us given.

As you know the header and footer section is like a head and foot of human body. It is as important as our neck and mind .Even you want to insert the header and footer in your WordPress website. You would have the account in WordPress and ready to include these header and footer. Once you have the website to follow the rules as per given below.

Step 1:

Sign In WordPress Account and then Click on Appearance

Step 2:

Once you have clicked on ADD PLUGIN options.

Step 3:

You will get the search box, click on the search box and enter the “header and footer” as a Keyword.

Step 4:

You check the most suitable plug in for the website and whenever you want to install the plugin check the active installation right now status.

Step 5:

If Header and footer plugin is good then go to install button and once installation done then activate it.

Step 6:

Once it would activate, just put the content on header and footer box and publish it. As soon as you published your website would be live.


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