How to get know your team better

Many of us spend years working in teams without ever getting to know each other beyond the normal superficial level. Professional settings like review meetings, office cubicles, meeting rooms and conferences are hardly the best places to get to know people at personal level. You may argue that there is no need to get your team members to well, after all its just work.

In reality there is direct correlation between the performance of the team and how team members gel with each other. If you are a leader and want to be able to motivate your team to consistently deliver great results for you, it is especially important for you to get to know your team members well. If you want to know your team members better, there is simple exercise that you can carry out, which I have participated in on several occasions. Just ask everybody in your team to each take 60 seconds and write down on a white board their names and all the things that they love and all obsessed with in their lives. Discovering what people are passionate about is a great way to get to know them better. This exercise can be organically ice breaker for your team and understand what makes them tick. This small exercise creates an environment and sparks your team and leaves thoughts wide variety of topics.

They will be gel and work environment would be much better and productivity also increased, use the web whiteboard for this exercise if you didn’t have physical ones.

Through this exercise people end up by discovering each other passions. You will be happy to see how quickly they get assimilated into the team.