How to – Create Your Resume To Stand Out From Crowd And Get Noticed By HR

I have written this blog to let you understand and clear, Resume is not only presentation of your previous work but also this is the ice breaker of your dreaming company, for being a cause of livelihood.

So keep in mind to get this job quickly and get noticed from crowd.

Today, I will talk about resume and how can it influence your career. Whenever you do apply for the job, there are lots and lots people having the same outlet and structure. You are applying for million Rupees job and if your resume is not unique. It not readable for HR Department and the companies which do filtering daily 1000 of resumes. It will be just a piece a paper.

So don’t read only this blog, make it applicable and showcase in your resume to grab the job opportunities.

Getting a job is not busy. Especially if you are applying for a job at the top notch companies that are coveted by talented applicants globally. Typically when you apply for a job at one of these hot, in-demand companies, you are competing with not only your college classmates, but also with the best minds from around the world. For example, studies reveal that google gets over 1 million job applicants each year and only hires about 0.4 to 0.5 percent of them. The Indian tech giant Infosys received 830,000 job applications in 2011 alone; it usually rejects more than 90 percent of all applicants. Given these overwhelming statistics, one thing is for sure: having the right skill sets, work experience and brand names on your resume is not going to be enough to get you that high paying job in your dream company. Don’t get me wrong, it is extremely important to have the necessary skill sets, experience and brand names on your resume and without them it is probably going to be tough for most people to even compete in the job market. However the point is that having the necessary skills, experiences and brand names does not mean that you can afford to complacent. Whether you like it or not, chances are that there are plenty of other people out there who also have a resume just as amazing yours. If not even better. The competition in today’s job market is so high that it has become very important to find ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd so that you get noticed when the employer looks at your resume.

Find the network connection in your circle:

When you are applying for a job at a particular company, the first thing to do is to try and find somebody who is already working there  and get them to recommend you to the HR department. Nothing can be as effective or valuable as somebody willing to risk their own reputation to recommend your name. This is where years of networking, building relationships and knowing the right people can give you a head start in terms of getting your foot in the door.

Traditional Process, going through:

If you don’t know anyone from your circle in that company, the only other option is to back of the line and follow the typical job application process, which could be through online campus recruitment, online portals, company website, and cold emailing somebody in the HR department.

The problem behind the whole recruitment process is the fact HR professionals in most large companies look at thousands of resume every month and after period of time; they are bored to going through them. Your resume is just a piece of paper for them.

Standard template:

If you do search for job template in google, you will find lots of website from where you can download resume. Just download the format and go through you will get a sense of resume like same format, structure look and feel. If you will keep yourself in place of the HR Department, you will get to know it is extremely boring to have same kind of resume.

Stand out from the crowd: if you want to get noticed and grab the attention of the person looking at your resume. You make it unique. Unique means to use some tools which can help you to find the ways. Because same competencies, qualification and brand names along with good referrals your classmates in the same pool to compete with you.

Now, you are thinking that how to make such resume. Let’s discuss the points.

Infographics: you can use this tool to showcase your skill sets, work history, achievements and other extracurricular activities in different ways.

You will know sample format of resume in writing and knowledge to use infographics.

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