Growing method of Oyster Mushroom:

Package Of Practices of Mushroom

  1. Spawn Preparation
  2. Substrate Preparation
  3. Spawning
  4. Spawn Running
  5. Fruiting
  6. Harvesting

Compost preparation :

you will select the golden color yellowish straw or straw color would be same as wheat color.

You would use Formalin or Vavistin  for treating the room , a place where you keep the straw and your dry straw.

You should keep Jute Bag and put all the straw into the Bag.once you done with this process.Keep it a side and Now pour the Formalin 2-4% mix with water. Now you just put the jute bag in water for the 12 to 14 hours.

Once it is completely wet took it out from the water and put it some sterilized place at least 3-4 hours. You keep the straw out from the bag so that formalin smell would be vanished.

At least 70% moisture should be in straw and you can identify moisture through misting in your hand. If ther is LADDU Formation done through the process. Our straw is ready for sowing.

There are four methods for spawning which is given below.

  1. Spot Spawning: In this method, You can put the straw in poly bag and then tied it and once it is tied you can do hole throughout the circle and put the spawn on those hole only. Generally this method is not used by people.
  2. Layer Spawning: This is the method which is used by farmers and professional mushroom grower . In this process you can make the layer like first straw then spawn. You should carry one thing in mind that is put the spawn side by side. It would help to grow and then hole in bag randomly. Just took the bag and put it in closed room where temperature would be 25 degree Celsius and humidity would be 90%. Room would be dark. If there is no ventilation in the room.Open the door short while . there  would not be smell in the room.

After 15 days ,Humidity would be 85% and Temp 22 Degree Celsius.You don’t need to  spray the water on the bag. Switch on the light 22 watt at least four to five hours and Ventilation 4-5 hours for fresh air.

  1. Surface Spawning : In this method , put the straw in upper side. It would not give higher production.
  2. Mixed Spawning : you can put the straw on ground and mixed the spawn into directly.

Fruiting: 7-10 days mushroom will come out.

Harvesting: You should harvest it after 25 days.

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