Google Keep – An App remind your loved ones to first meetup

Here I am introducing some simple apps and tips can make your life simpler and help you to grow your network personally and professionally. If you manually look up people on Facebook, LinkedIn each time you are about to visit different city. However this can be time consuming, inefficient and sometimes inaccurate as well.

So these apps can make it easy to find you’re loved in your daily course of life.

Networking with really smart and successful people at conferences, industry meets and events is lot of fun. Most of us also derive a sense of achievement and satisfaction from growing our network of followers and friends on social networking sites. However in ties of professional crisis what will really matter is not the number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections you have, but the quality of relationship you have built over time with the people in your network. the challenge is most of us face is how to convert casual acquaintances into stronger professional relationships.

We are also so busy with our day to day commitments, problems and goals in our personal and professional lives that we find it hard to keep with our contacts outside of what is convenient and easy for us. The pressures of life end up restricting our network to within the confines of geography, time and proximity.  While it is important to build relationships with people within your college, organization and neighborhood, there is nothing extraordinary about it. A truly strong network of influence goes beyond the obvious into industries, territories, interests and skills that you may not normally deal with on a day to day basis or may not know much about it.

It is important to actively keep growing your network of influence. Whenever I visit clients, it is not unusual to see techies eating lunch with other techies while the sales guy only sit with other sales table and so on. Socializing with only ten software developers is not going to add much colour to your life. Or personality; it will probably make you one dimensional and , let us admit, constantly talking about technology like Ruby, Python, Hadoop, can get quite boring after a while. Instead you must step outside your comfort zone and get to know people from varied backgrounds, professions, and interests. A good strategy to follow is to try and meet somebody from different background every month. When I have joined my fellowship program, I have got the chance to meet someone new every month and get a chance to grow my network. In fact if possible build some networking time into your schedule itself  whenever you are travelling meet the people whom you don’t normally get a chance to  meet or interact with in the course of daily life.however , keeping track of who lives in which city is a huge challenge by itself.

To create a location based reminder ,you can use  google keep android will help you to track a tasks to complete  in your life, things you want to do and even people you want to meet in various cities.

Let’s imagine you are at conference and meet somebody from Delhi and whom you would like to stay in touch with and catch up with the next time you are in Delhi. If you simply make a mental note of it, there is a chance you may not remember when you are actually planning a trip to Delhi. Instead, simple create a new note in the GOOGLE KEEP app titled Delhi to keep track of all the people you would like to meet the next time you are in Delhi.

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