What is Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is the internet age and now the war is going on with set of data  and the weapons are mobile phones and one of the biggest market share is the Advertisement  industry .today or tomorrow  Every company needs to aware their audience about their existence and promote the company on multi



media platform.As we heard the “necessity is the mother of invention.” The proverbs are mostly suited with the Google.Who want to advertise with this system, they can enroll with AdWords.


How many Ads can be published on one page?

You can publish unlimited amount of ad on your website pages.

Google is running a program named Google AdSense, which allows publishers to advertise on their own website. The Ads includes Text, images, and video, Interactive media advertisements. It is based on site content and audience.


AdSense Types

There is different kind of advertising related to AdSense. Let’s deep dive into this.

  1. Content: such types of Ads can run on special group of interested people or context.it is based on cost per click and cost per impressions. There are different types of ads and sizes which can user enable on their website like text, images, video, flash etc.
  2. Search: this type of ad allows user to display search terms related to their website content.
  3. Video: AdSense allows video content hosting sites for such ads. This is different from YouTube. The publishers can decide what type of ad can enable along with their content. There is different ads like linear, overlay and companion ads.
  4. Link Units: this is your target audience based ads.

Other Types:

  1. Mobile Content: this AdSense program is for the mobile websites.
  2. Domains: Google has shut down such AdSense program 22nd October 2012.
  3. Feeds: Google closed AdSense program in 2012,3rd

Ad Sense –  How it Works

Steps :

  1. The webmaster who want such Adsense, includes the java script code into their web pages.
  2. When the users surfing the site,Javascript code would fetched the the content to Google’ server.
  3. Crawler crawl the webpages and If captures the keywords from the content, It served the ad as per AdWords bidding system.
  4. Search advertisements added the search into results .when visitors performs the search Results.


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