Facebook has launched Facebook Watch


What is Facebook Watch

You have enjoyed the video on YouTube, Vimeo but the world largest social network company Facebook has launched the video content maker for their audience and encouraging the participation and engagement of the users on their platform. Facebook launched the” Facebook Watch”. It was announced August 9,2017. It is available on Mobile Phones, Laptop and Desktop.

You can share and personalize the video with friends and comment in live box. You can also create group with friends.There is also options to engage on gaming also.

Facebook has launched its video platform to watch the video online. Through this platform millions of people, friends and families can participate and share their content and videos with each other. Before launching the Facebook in India as well as other country. Facebook launched the watch in United States. It is available almost everywhere in the world.

Video makers can earn 55% profits on the advertising on their video and Facebook keeps 45% of the profit. Facebook reportedly contact with television network for original post.

Facebook has 2 billion users worldwide, launching the FACEBOOK WATCH, the intention and the approach is to encourage more and more friends and enjoy the Video on demand service.

According to Fidji Simo, head of video at Facebook, Simo shared that 50 million people spend time on Watch to have fun of the video at least minute very month which is increase day by day and 14 times better. Facebook has not launched in china and North Korea and China like other Facebook products.

Watch has been launched on smartphones throughout the world Google Android phones and content makers.

Its good news for all of us to find the good content and creating your own channel. Enjoy It and If you want to know more about Facebook Watch comment below.


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